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About Us

This site is owned by William Carter, a Fly Fisherman with over 15 years experience.


I started fly fishing in my early twenties. I have fly fished all over the world, but mostly in the United States and I’ve instructed many students in the art of fly fishing.

Experienced in fly fishing rivers, lakes, streams, and the sea, I learned many of the techniques I now use from my friend and mentor John, who made me promise not to reveal his identity as he is now very old and bed-ridden.

Although I now living in the U.K. I still spend a lot of time in the U.S. and always enjoy the fly fishing there.

My one other speciality is designing and creating children's themed bedrooms. I have created many of these over the years and is something I enjoy doing when I'm not Fly Fishing.

If you wish to contact me by Snail Mail Please write to: William Carter, Collett Farm, Woodham, Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire. U.K. HP18 9NH    

My desire is to help fly fishermen (and women) everywhere, to improve their techniques and with that, their enjoyment of the sport; in the same way that my mentor helped me.

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